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    Core Competencies
    The Leaping Catch LLC founder and principal, Sandra Clements, PhD, has 29 yrs imaging experience including eleven years serving NASA's engineering imagery community.
  • Experience-based knowledge of engineering imagery as a tool for examining launch vehicle performance, for examining ground system equipment performance, and for debris and anomaly detection
  • Ground system imagery asset configuration planning
  • Familiarity with the NASA engineering imagery community - worked with Image Analysis Teams, Imagery Working Groups, ICE Team, Lift-Off Debris Team, Imaging Operations
  • Knowledge of the latest imaging system technologies and techniques (See examples below.)
  • Technical writing - reports, presentations, special studies, specifications, test plans, proposals

    Projects / Activities (Sandra Clements, PhD)
  • NASA 2011 Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract - Principal Investigator
  • NASA 2011 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract - Principal Investigator
  • NASA Ground Camera Ascent Imagery Project (GCAIP) - Lead Scientist
  • GCAIP Long Lens Specifications / Acceptance Testing
  • Imagery System configuration Planning Tool - Developer
  • NASA KSC Experimental Imaging Lab - Lead and Technical Lead
  • Post-Launch Shuttle Engineering Imagery Reviews - Participant
  • NASA Imagery Working Groups - Contributor
  • High Speed Digital Camera Technology Reviews - Lead
  • Shuttle Infrared Imaging Requirement - Contributor
  • NASA Debris Summit - Contributor

Experimental Imaging Examples

High Speed Digital Imaging
Conducted tests of high speed digital (HSD) camera systems, including field tests and bench tests supporting HSD Camera Technology Reviews. Reviews were designed to assess the state-of-the-shelf of the HSD industry. Evaluated each camera's ability to operate in the launch environment, to provide an accurate time-stamp, and to provide imagery of value to the engineering analyst.

Film and High Speed Digital Imaging ...

High speed digital image of Space Shuttle Atlantis


Infrared image of Space Shuttle Endeavor


Infrared Imaging
Planned and directed numerous experiments to evaluate infrared (IR) cameras as tools for engineering analysis of Space Shuttle launches. Evaluated cameras sensitive to a variety of infrared spectral regions. Infrared imaging systems were evaluated for engineering analysis of Shuttle launches and for monitoring pre-launch fueling activities. Results of these imaging experiments led to the establishment of an IR imaging requirement for Shuttle launches.

Developed a timing accuracy bench test for IR cameras. Conducted timing tests on IR cameras being considered for use during Shuttle launches. Reported timing test results to the cameras' vendors, enabling deficiencies to be addressed.

Visible and Infrared Imaging ...

Stereoscopic 3D Imaging
Planned, coordinated, and directed stereoscopic 3D imaging experiments during the Ares 1X launch, the Falcon 9 COTS 1 launch, and numerous Shuttle launches. Stereo-3D imagery that exaggerates depth perception offers potential benefits for analysis of launch debris. The experiments were conducted to evaluate procedures for producing exaggerated stereo-3D imagery and to assess the effectiveness of those procedures. In addition, the experiments served as the setting to investigate the various technologies needed to plan for, acquire, transmit, record, process, display, and view stereoscopic 3D imagery.

Note: Red/cyan anaglyph eyewear is needed to view the image at right in stereo-3D.

Stereoscopic 3D Imaging ...

Lift-off of Space Shuttle Discovery in stereoscopic 3D


Leaping Catch LLC
A woman-owned small business.

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